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List of Drug-related News Groups

UK Drugs Resources

The Alliance a user-led organisation that provides advocacy, training and helpline services to those currently in drug treatment, those who have accessed drug treatment in the past and those who may access drug treatment in the future. For advocacy, advice and support for those in drug treatment. Training for user advocates.

British National Formulary BNF BNF provides authoritative and practical information on the selection and clinical use of medicines within the UK. A pharmacists bible, it is handy for drug users too. It reflects current best practice as well as legal and professional guidelines relating to the use of medicines, dosages, scheduling.

Executive Rehab Guide: Useful website with a comparison guide of all the private rehabs in the UK

CCNEWZ has just turned their newspaper into a tabloid-format magazine which comes out, on paper, six times a year. The paper covers all aspects relating to cannabis, from UK and world news to book reviews, topical articles, product information and interviews.

DASH (Drugs Advice Service & Helpline – Isle of Mann). A good compilation of info on drugs and their effects, a parents page, and a young carers page for kids of drug users. Help and support for Island individuls. All round good site for a drugs service.

Heroin Helpline / RELEASE
Release is now running the 1st heroin specific telephone helpline in the UK. Release’s website offers info about drugs and the law in an intelligent and easily digestable manner.
Mon-Fri 10.30-5.30pm
Tel: 0207 7494053
(You can leave a message if office is closed, you will be contacted within 24hrs.)

Independent Drug Monitoring Unit IDMU Ltd is a drug prices research company, conducting large scale drug user surveys throughout the UK and on the internet. They collect data on cannabis and other drug prices, consumption patterns of drugs, medicinal use of drugs, and comment on the valuation of drugs, effects. They also provide expert witness in drug cases.

National Treatment Agency A handy site for anyone involved in the drugs field. National publications, guidelines for best practice, research, contacts for all UK DATs, conferences and events. User involvement guidelines based here.

NARCAID Drugs Awareness Training. Emergency Drug Awareness Training from NARCAID. Accredited Drug Awareness Training for Emergency Medical Services, Paramedics and Ambulance Staff. This is a really excellent site where information and virtual training is available. Black Poppy has found this to be one of the best sites out there for accurate, non hysterical information on overdoses of all kinds as well as case studies, Q&A’s for training and education purposes, and general drugs information. Highly accurate and highly recommended.

SMMGP (Substance Misuse Management in General Practice) A useful site for GPs 7 health professionals and scripted users. They have a good catalogue of info from Subutex, injectables, naltrexone, pregnancy & scripting, support for prescribing GPs, a forum for chat and questions and conference info. All round good site for prescribers.d.

Transform Drug Policy Foundation (TDPF) exists to minimise drug-related harm to individuals and communities. Raising the debate on the prohibition / legalisation and regulation of all drugs including heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

urban75 An e-zine: One of the most popular e-zines on the web with bulletin boards, info on protests, festivals, best bar & pub guides to London and New York, drug testing and lots of no bullshit drugs info. This site is non-profit.

UKHRA The UK Harm Reduction Alliance is a group of people concerned about the current state of British Drugs Policy, and particularly the direction that it is taking under the present Government. It has a users discussion list, a womens list and an announcements list for UK harm reduction issues. Great for networking with others interested in harm reduction.

Global Drug Resources (Recreational Drugs Information)‘Their strapline is ‘Combatting lack of information with knowledge. Inform yourself before judging. Educate yourself before using’. This is an excellent website with a carefully selected range of drugs info for any enthusiast who wishes to inform themselves further on their private hobby. is only online until 2007, enough time to look through some very interesting articles and publications (translated to major languages) on drug use careers, drug policy, and the politics of drugs and history. Comes highly recommended.

Common Sense for Drug Policy CSDP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reforming drug policy and expanding harm reduction. Excellent links section of reform organisations , drug war news and issues and facts.

DCRNet Online Library of Drug Policy – The world’s largest online library of drug policy. Search the huge library, access the excellent links section.

Drug War Facts An interesting site for information and facts on the unsustainabilty of the drugs war. Interesting facts for anyone concerned with this issue. A US site. The site originated by Nicolos Saunders, it aims to make accessible objective, authoritative infomation about ecstasy. Although its not as regularly updated since Saunders death, it still has a wealth of good info on E. It has the 1st interactive ecstasy testing database. It is non profit.

Guerilla News Network Gary Webb – The main man behind the exposure of Military Industrial Complex and the CIA’s cocaine trafficking is interviewed on video by the Guerilla News Network here… Webb discusses the media battle that erupted in the aftermath of his groundbreaking 1996 investigation into the CIA’s drug dealing operations during the 1980s to aid the Nicaraguan Contras. There is also a collection of his breaking news stories on this most intersting of subjects. Gary Webb died recently.

Methamphetamine: A Frontline Video This is a really good video about methamphetamine in the US and the governments battle with the pharmaceutical industry to curtail the ingredients used to make it, and a very interesting explanation behind the rise and fall of useage. Just click and watch.

Narco News Narco News reports on the drug war and democracy from Latin America.  It is the first publication to win 1st amendment protections, granting freedom of the press for all Internet journalists from the New York Supreme Court in 2001. Discussions, investigations, bloggs; the other side of the Sth American drugs war.

NORML The national organisation for the Reform of marijuana Laws, NORML has a history from way back. Plenty of info on Cannabis, laws, medicinal use, campaigning and more.

PURE THC Supurb directory of the best cannabis sites on the net, from festivals & events, to books, shops, online communities, in many languages, plus activism issues and more. A good THC directory.

The Thomas Szaz Cybercentre for Liberty & Responsibility Thomas Szasz is a pioneering critic of the psychiatric establishment and a leading libertarian thinker, particularly on the drugs issue.. His many books include The Myth of Mental IllnessCeremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution of DrugsAddicts, and Pushers, and The Therapeutic State.The site has his writings, discussion & good links.

The Vaults of Erowid This has become an essential site for anyone looking for information on drug use, in particular, psychedelics. Covering law, doseages, effects, discussion, research, it truely is an excellent site. Encompassing subjects from communities to technology, with drugs as a waypoint in between. There’s a bulletin board/ forum included, so you can join in with active discussions with people from all over the world on subjects as diverse as “Better Living through Chemistry”, (three guesses what that’s about), to conspiracy theories, and the Media.

Women’s Links

EUROPAP Europap is a network across 18 Western and Central European countries, linking over 400 specialist health projects, sex workers‘ projects and social support programmes. They share information and experience in order to promote best practice in local projects. Promotes the health and well being of sex workers in Europe. Handbooks in multiple languages

ICW (International community of Women living with HIV/AIDs) ICW is an international network which strives to share with the global community the experiences of positive women. A women’s HIV ‘Survival Kit’ is available, produced by and for women living with HIV as well as campaigning and activism issues, links and womens news from HIV conferences and other HIV sites.

Women’s Aid Women’s Aid Federation of England ( Women’s Aid) is the national domestic violence charity which co-ordinates and supports an England-wide network of over 300 local projects, providing over 500 refuges, helplines, outreach services and advice centres. Lists of refuges, domestic violence info packs, links, help.

The Clitoris.Com is an interesting and comprehensive site covering all aspects of female sexuality and sexual health, including info on prescription drugs that have an adverse affect on female sexuality.

SWAN The Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network is a network of civil society organizations engaged in advocating the Human Rights of the sex workers in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS and South-East Europe.  Essential articles for anyone with an interest in the human rights of sex workers and news about related issues across the world as well as eastern europe.Also have a newsletter you can subscribe to.


Sacred Bull Goes Camping. PhatBull launches the UK’s only festival with a drug awareness theme. Check out their website for updates on their 3 day festival in the Wiltshire countryside, August bank Holiday 2008. BP will be there giving out drugs information and advice. A mini drugs conference will be held inside an environment of safe, eclectic music, performance and dance.

OCTOBER 5th 2007

Attention!!!! What are you doing this Friday night???

PhatBull will be holding the first of regular monthly events at the Comedy Club in Shoreditch . This event is a donations event with proceeds going toward Black Poppy Magazine and promoting our drug safety message.

Be there or be square.

See 3 Live bands and wicked DJing

Free EP Launch

The Veez

The Fool

Sol Devious

And DJ’s

Starts 9.30pm – 3am

Friday October 5 th at the Comedy Club, Shoreditch , London . 66 Rivington Street EC2A-3AY

A PhatBull Event – donations to support drug awareness and harm reduction; Proceeds to Black Poppy Magazine and PhatBull

(see phatbull for more info)

Tony O’Neill
e have a soft spot for TonyO’Neill. After a stint working for Black Poppy Mag, he left London for New York completing 2 compelling novels, writing like a fiend who’d just been released from the suffocating grip of a methadone clinic (which he had). His first and current novel ‘Digging the Vein’ is an exceptional read about his time living and using in the City of Angels. Check out his site for poetry, music and reviews – and if you wanna buy a book about life on the gear LA stylee, we can vouch for this as a truely remarkable debut novel. O’Neills’ next book is based in Britain…Stay tuned…

19th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm. After a successful 2007 conference in Warsaw (attended by over 1,000 people from over 80 countries), next year’s event is being held in Barcelona, Spain. The event will include sessions on a wide variety of topics, from tobacco and alcohol harm reduction to safer injecting, bacterial infection prevention and crack use interventions, issues, projects and research. Unmissable for anyone involved in harm reduction. (full schedule to be announced soon).

Health & Harm Reduction Links

Aidsmap On this site you can find more original, daily news on developments in the world of HIV than any other HIV website. The site also includes searchable databases of HIV treatment and care, worldwide HIV organisation listings, and one of the most comprehensive ranges of patient information available on the web.

Benzodiazepine Addiction, Withdrawal & Recovery A really excellent benzo website with loads of information on all aspects of benzos. Also a large archive, a good support forum and loads of links to other benzo sites.

Benzo Island Support Forum This is the support forum for and comes highly recommended, in particular for those who are trying to come off benzos.

BCNC (Benzodiazepines Co-operation Not Confrontation)  Offers support for those with benzo problems, advice for suggested rates of benzo withdrawal, benzo news, and a forum for Q&A’s. They also need people to join in helping to run the group – a local branch of what will eventually be a nationwide support group.

Buprenorphine Bibliography Thousands of articles on buprenorphine (subutex); topics cover preclinical safety and efficacy, including the use of buprenorphine in analgesia, and opioid dependence. For opiate users, check out the ‘key’ and ‘recent’ articles pages.

International Harm Reduction Alliance ( ). IHRA are a non-profit organisation that promotes harm reduction for all drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) on a global basis- supporting and advising people who use drugs as well as service operators, policy makers and the UN. Also support the largest yearly conference in International Harm Reduction, a place catch up on the latest in HR projects, trials, research, initiatives and an excellent chance for the world’s user activists and HR workers to network. (see events). Loads of links to other sites on a whole range of self help /support groups and forums on topics such as addiction, cancer, depression, self harm, alternative therapies, women’s health, etc

Online Pharmacy is a free advocacy service with lists of hundreds of cheap, online pharmacys, reviewed by people that use them.

SMART RECOVERY Much of the information imparted is drawn from the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. In general, CBT views addictive behavior more as a complex maladaptive behavior than as a disease. Using an accessible body of ideas & techniques, they offer methods for resolving emotional and behavioral issues. Online groups and in person (just starting up in UK).

The Hep C Trust
 A site for people seeking information and support on a range of Hepatitis C issues. An A-Z list of support groups, treatment issues, testing & dianosis, caring, online support, campaigning and more, it is a comprehensive site on Hep C.

The Stanton Peel Addiction website An interesting site challenging addiction as a disease Everything about the disease approach – separating people and their substance use from their ongoing lives, not recognizing that addiction fades in and out with life conditions, viewing it as biogenetic in origin – Stanton believes is incorrect, challenging such issues throughout this website

Drug User Groups – UK

BUGS (Bolton User Group Service) BUGS was established in July 2003 to give service users a voice, regarding their own treatment. B.U.G.S forums enable anyone to express opinions and debate issues regarding the way in which substance misuse treatment is practiced.

Cannabis Activist Resource SiteThe Website of the British Legalise Cannabis Campaign. An excellent site with contacts, news, and medicinal, industrial and campaigning features

Morph (Southampton) A group of ex and on-going drug users committed to improving things for anyone still using drugs or trying to stop.  They seek to improve health outcomes through a Harm Reduction approach and are a contact point for the UK’s National Users Network.

RUF (Reading User Forum)
Based in Reading, Berkshire. You can contact them on: Email:
Phone: + 44 (0) 7708757416 – There website is under construction but has some information.

The Safe in Sound project is committed to raising awareness about issues relating to drug use and reducing harm. The project operates at clubs, music events and festivals and focuses on offering practical information that can help people stay out trouble

The Users Voice Website of the newsletter UV from the John Mordant Trust. Back issues are on site and international user news and links.

Drug User Groups – Global

International Network of People who Use Drugs INPUD is a global network uniting Activist people who use drugs world wide. We, International Drug User Activists, want to establish our rights and reclaim the right to be our own spokespersons striving for self-representation and self-empowerment.


HARDCOREHARMREDUCER A truely excellent drug user organisation from Belgium; they should be one of your first stops when seeking out the latest issues arising on the global user activism scene. Although some is in Dutch, much is in English and there are literally dozens of exceelnt, unmissable reports and papers written by and for users as well as coutless videos, photos and art. Unmissable for a broad range of harm reduction and user activism issues.

Passage: The Association for the Protection of Drug Users Rights A drug users organisation active in a range of areas in the city of Skopje; Macedonia. Email only at and – The Macedonian Harm Reduction Network has its organisations information sited here.

Brugerforeningen: Danish Drug Users Union. In English and Danish with a good archive in both lanuages. Great information on drug politics/policies, harm reduction, news & articles, info on HIV/HCV, international news and info about B’s campaigning and great work. One of the most established and innovative user unions in the world and a role model for many.

Drug Users R UThe Russian drug users site (in Russian). Really excellent group of people doing some brilliant work. Worth translating if you dont know Russian. ‘I choose not to choose life. I choose something else”.

The Americas

Harm Reduction Coalition A fabulous organisation, HRC (in New York) is committed to reducing drug-related harm among individuals & communities by initiating and promoting local, regional, and national harm reduction education, and community organizing. Excellent articles on drug user organising & harm reduction issues and health info in croation, russian & spanish. Great links section.

NAMA (National Alliance of Methadone Advocates) NAMA is an organization (USA ) composed of methadone patients and health care professionals that are supporters of quality opiate agonist treatment. All about methadone it has a chat forum, an education series, links and online newsletters.

The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) Vandu was formed in 1998 in Vancouver, BC, to bring together people who use heroin and cocaine and has grown to become one of the largest drug user organisations in the world. It is a non profit organization. is dedicated to improving the lives of drug users, their families and communities.

Asia Pacific

Asian Harm Reduction Coalition HRC is an Asian network fostering alternative models to conventional health and human services and drug treatment. Health info, policy, links, news, and projects on a regional and national basis.

AIVL (The Australian Intravenous League) This is Australia’s national user organisation representing state drug user orgs. AIVL produce a range of resources to better enable drug users to educate themselves and their peers about the myriad of issues with regard to injecting and other illicit drug use, have a good links section, hcv info, info about AIVL projects, campaigning issues, discussion forum and more.

NUAA The NSW users and Aids Assoc Inc, advancing the rights and dignity of people who use drugs illicitly.. Excellent peer based organisation Site contains info on harm reduction info relating to illicit drugs, and HIV and HCV news. Brilliant user magazine, back copies available on the site. Loads of user info on treatments, keeping well, user issues and concerns.

QUIHN Queensland Injectors Health Network. An excellent source of information and fact sheets on a wide range of health and support issues for IV drug users – there is an entry point for drug users and an entry point for health professionals and family members. A great website – Click link at top of page titled ‘illicit drug info’ for there huge list of IV user information.

Activism and Campaigning

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) You will find “how-to” guides for identifying, documenting and challenging inaccurate or unfair news coverage, along with information about how to promote independent media.

MAP Media Activism Centre An excellent source of information on how to get drugs on the agenda in your community and the media. How to speak to journalists, write letters to the editor, press releases and other stuff. Great Links.

The Virtual Activist 2.0 This training course includes links to many other sites to provide examples of how the Internet is being used for activism. NetAction is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting use of the Internet for effective grassroo