Author: blackpoppy

A Painful Paradox

A Painful Paradox Research discovers what we always knew – opiate users DO feel pain and regular opiate use may even lead to an increased sensitivity to pain. Researcher,¬†Dr. Tim Mitchell¬†from the National Addiction Centre, lays bare the research anyone who works with opiate users should know about – […]


The personal and social costs of all this is not often seen or read about, because drug users’ lives and voices are discounted, just as the Lawrences’ lives and voices were discounted when they too were obscured by prejudice. Let us take the story of Brendan Woolhead; a 34 […]


Picture this. Me in the airing cupboard with an unfiltered embassy No.1 with a damp rizla wrapped around it and a damp towel over my head. In a perfect world, most addicts believe they would not need prescriptions because prohibition would not exist (and genetically engineered opium poppies/coca leaves […]

London: The West End

The West End History of drugs The late 60s was the start of the era of the festival and the free concert. I well remember going to see bands like The Rolling Stones, King Crimson, Blind Faith and Pink Floyd in Hyde Park on a Saturday afternoon. The drill […]