A Dealer’s Certificate of Standards

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I, [who cannot be named for legal reasons] hereby declare to adhere

to certain standards within my trade and promise to do what is

right and fair inasmuch that is permitted by my [ i l l e g a l] profession.

I hereby swear to the following:


When mixing up any powder or liquids/ T promise do it on a clean surface, with a clean blade/card/ in as clean wraps/bags as I can manage. If I must keep my wares hidden in socks/pan ts/pockets/mouth/arse/ 1 shall be especially vigilant as to how they are wrapped and ensure they are covered at least 3-4 times and sealed properly. 1 shall store/hide my wares in a cool/ dark and dry place to avoid contamination and moisture.


I promise to not lie about the time I will take to deliver my wares to my customers/ or to leave my customers standing on street corners for ridiculous lengths of time/ especially in winter.


I promise to treat my customers with dignity and respect whenever possible. I will not fall prey to the traps of ‘powder power’ and will never lord my wares over customers less fortunate than myself. 1 will never take advantage of women or men for drugs.


I will abide by the knowledge that overdoses occur more frequently for those just out of prison or rehab and will always endeavour to tell such customers the risks involved. I shall never sell a person their first ‘hit’ and will do what I can to dissuade the young and inexperienced.


I will never cut any powders or liquids with anything I believe to be harmful or unclean. I will always use the safest cuts on the market and will keep abreast of developments regarding the safest cuts available/ only if cutting is necessary.


I promise not to be overly tight about giving credit to regular customers and if I know they are sick or desperate/ 1 promise to afford regular customers at least one bag on tick.

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