Mental Health

Counselling and psychotherapy both concern overcoming personal adversity and dealing with change. The methods implemented are similar and in many instances identical. The differences are more about the goals and interests and the setting in which the counsellor or therapist functions.


Both counsellors and therapists decide whether or not they should look for further medical and psychiatric guidance and will usually make referrals to the right specialists while also making consultations with the patient’s doctor.


What does psychotherapy do?

It is often believed that psychotherapy looks to the past, the historical effects for the solutions to here-and-now issues. But the counsellor may work more with crisis intervention. But the difference between counselling and psychotherapy is not something that should concern those who want help.

It is not strictly the case that people who seek counselling or psychotherapy are in a dire situation. Many come so that they can improve elements of themselves and their lives and better understand how they relate to the people around them.


We use a whole range of techniques which are incorporated into the therapy and adapted to suit each individual whatever the presenting problem.