Home fitness

If you’re looking to get fit without leaving the house, why not set up a gym at home? If you have the space and are able to afford it, it’s a great solution when you don’t want to go down the road to the local gym. After a time, you might even get a return on your investment, with the high costs of most gym memberships.

For many people, it’s the self-consciousness of working in a gym which puts them off. Being sweaty and puffing away on a chest press is off-putting enough without a bunch of gym bunnies surrounding you. By staying at home to work out, you can choose your own schedule without having to wait for others to finish on machines.

Personal training

An alternative to home fitness is to use a personal trainer who can come up with a schedule to meet your goals, whether it’s tackling weight gain, diabetes or other problems. For many people, it might just be getting a six-pack or toning pectorals. Fabrice “le physique” at Munsterfit provides personal training in his exclusive gym in West London.