Improve Your Fitness, Improve How You Feel

fitnessIts been proven beyond doubt that exercise will help you stay healthy, lose weight and live longer, but many women miss out on these benefits because they have had bad experiences of keeping fit.


No matter what your goals are, whether its losing weight, toning up, looking younger, or just being fit and healthy then we can help you achieve your goal.


Is Liposuction for You?

If you're local to Brighton come into our centre and ask the professionals your questions. We can help you make an educated decision about if Liposuction will be beneficial for you.


Once removed, the fat should not return. This is because fat cells have been removed from the area and the remaining fat cell number in that area will not have the capacity to absorb sufficient fat in future to restore the previous large volume.


If the calorific intake is still exceeded after the procedure, fat will continue to be deposited in the body but only in those areas that were not operated on. Care must therefore still be executed regarding dietary calorific intake, as liposuction is not a passport to dietary excess.



Get Active!

Exercise is a major part of a healthy lifestyle. Stay active, incorporating both cardiovascular and resistance training into your fitness regime. Don’t push yourself too far; be aware of your limits. If you’re new to exercise, start slow. Even a brisk walk could make all the difference!


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