Eye care

Contact lenses

Contact lenses function by floating on a constantly refreshed surface of tears.  The types of lens required for successful wearing will be determined by the ability of your eyes to provide decent tear flow, the shape of your cornea (the prescription you require and the lifestyle you require.


It is this complex need and design that demands the extra skills of a contact lens professional.


New technology for caring for your eyes, smile and face

Technology in new materials is always changing and improving, offering the successful use of contacts to more people. Unlike people who were glasses and display their spectacles with pride, contact wearers can disguise their eyewear. Ten years ago 3.3 million people wore contacts in the UK which is around 10% of those who need correction. This is a far lower figure than in America and in other European countries. Get in touch with us to discuss your options in more detail.


Are you a nervous patient?

Make the most of new technology and look after your teeth too. Are you a nervous patient? With recent advances in dentistry you can experience the benefits of braces without everyone being able to see them, find out more.


Wearing regimes

Patterns of wearing fall into three sorts. There is overnight or extended wear, everyday wear and less frequent wear. Within these are various intervals between replacements, such as three-monthly, fortnightly, and daily disposable, with greater intervals for complicated and rigid lenses. Laser eye surgery can enable people to do without glasses and contact lenses.