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Within this site you will find some very helpful advice from the Chief Medical Officer and various different experts, doctors and organisations on the benefits of exercise, healthy diet, stopping smoking and other important lifestyle choices.


The benefits of these lifestyle choices for those who make them lie, above all, in lessening the mortality rate from coronary heart disease and many other problems. But much more needs to be done, especially in reducing the increasing number of people contracting diabetes, in diminishing the number suffering strokes, and in the early diagnosis of prostate and bowel cancer. The challenge of the growing problem of obesity, and in particular its effects on children and young people is also addressed.


When exercising, it is important to use the right equipment to prevent sports related injuries, or if you have been injured, to use the right products to protect yourself and to help you recover more quickly. Have a read of this article which explains what elastic adhesive bandage is. Then have a read of other articles on the same site which will tell you which tape to use for which purpose and for which body part. If you don't look after yourself properly, you can end up doing yourself more harm than good.


UK Health and Wellbeing is here to give you helpful hints and advice about leading a positive mental and physical lifestyle. With tons of inside tips we’ll have you feeling brighter and healthier in no time! Follow our A - Z and if you have any queries feel free to contact us.